Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's the Deal With Herman Cain?

I don't know if the GOP decided that letting a black man run for nomination would be a beneficial publicity stunt or if they simply thought a pizza man would make a fit Commander in Chief. Well, on second thought, a pizza man would be a step in the right direction for the Republican party after the legacy of George W. Bush…

Anywho, Herman Cain just might be a calculated publicity move for the Republicans. And that's what winning elections within a two-party system is all about -- publicity, right? The Tea Party is often dubbed as a "racist" group, and as such, allowing a black man to be a part of the GOP debates and nomination proceedings might shed a good light on them in the eye of the American public. It certainly can't hurt.

But is Herman Cain really only for show? Is he merely a puppet in place so as to assuage the skeptics and antagonists of the Tea Party? Probably. I mean, it makes sense. Realistically, the real front-runners of the Republican ticket are all rich white men, but it sure doesn't hurt the GOP's image to let a rich black man (and a woman, lest we forget Michele Bachman!) play along. And by play I mean participate. And by participate I mean attempt to win the nomination -- with a high likelihood of failure. So yes, he probably is just playing along for the publicity as well as the one-in-a-million shot of an actual nomination. Herman Cain has a slim-to-none chance at becoming President, but he's a living, breathing PR campaign for the Grand Ol' Party.


  1. In my opinion he's an important key for the Republican strategies. Don't misprize him!

  2. I must confess I've actually never heard of him. I think that now a black man has been elected, the best way to win an election is a black lesbian. Most people say Obama got the vote as a novelty or to appear not racist, so a black gay woman has the best chance of people voting for her, as a novelty, to not appear racist, and to not appear homophobic.