Thursday, July 14, 2011


USA Women are in the World Cup final against Japan this sunday! The American Women's squad has never lost a game against the Japanese, so we can only hope this trend continues until victory. If the United States becomes #1 in (women's) soccer, how might Americans react? Would we see a revamp of the Women's Professional Soccer league (WPS) with rising sports interests from American fans?

Additionally, the US Military is shown at half-time of the women's soccer USA vs. Brazil game actually watching the game. This is seen in baseball and especially football, but is this a sign the American Soccer -- especially that of the female gender -- becoming mainstream in America? We can only hope.

I mean, understandably, women's soccer is not always the most exciting entertainment endeavor. But, if America is #1, might we see a spike in popularity? A sustainable spike, hopefully...

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